What is Twitch?

Have you ever heard about Twitch? We are most certain you already have. If not let us introduce you to Twitch, the most popular gaming streaming platform.

What is it?

Twitch is a well-known online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. The  streaming platform was founded in 2011. At that time its entire focus lied on video games but since then Twitch has expanded and reached the point where management decided to include streams dedicated to topics such as esports, music, talk shows and occasional TV series. Especially streaming esports helped Twitch to climb a hill to success.

Twitch in numbers

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

  1. Twitch Daily active users – 10 million
  2. Monthly broadcasters – 2.2 million
  3. Amount of gaming content that has been livestreamed on Twitch – over 500 000 years
  4. Average amount of time spent by users on Twitch daily – 1 hour 46 minutes
  5. Average concurrent viewers on Twitch – 622 000
  6. Years streamed in 2016 – almost 500 000

Guinnes World Record

If you don‘t feel overwhelmed by now take a deep breath and keep reading. Have a look at the stunning victory that has been written in the history of streaming. In case you are a Twitch user you might remember what happened on the 27 January 2017. On this day ELeague’s channel on Twitch reached thrilling figure of 1.026 million concurrent viewers during the grand final of the ELeague Major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. This earned Twitch a Guiness World Record that nobody could beat so far.

Can I make money on Twitch?

Is there a place on internet where you cannot earn money? A large number of internet users have Twitch as their main source of income. It became their fulltime job to stream their broadcasts. Would you like to be one of them? Once you decide to stream you need to attract viewers. You get paid through recurring paid subscriptions, micro donations, regular donations, sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate sales. Hence, the answer is yes, you can make money on Twitch.

HITSCOUT for Twitch

Speaking of filling your wallet through the use of Twitch there is a tool you might be interested in. In the world full of Ad Blocks there is a superhero that can beat them, it is called HITSCOUT. This tool displays banner ads directly on a stream so Ad Block cannot hide them. It means that 100 % of your viewers see an ad, which makes displaying of advertisement more effective.

There is a great potential at this streaming platform. Don‘t hesitate to use it. If you would like to find out more about Twitch, HITSCOUT and how it works feel free to contact us.

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